Infidelity Investigation

Cheating / infidelity & Co-Habiting investigations in Cincinnati

"Catching Cheaters is our fame - Proving it is our Game"

We have over 35 years experience tracking them down and we're still catching, em. Far exceeding 100,000 Cheating case scenario's.  Success in aiding clients big savings, via decisions in co-habiting investigations.


Do you suspect your mate or significant other is fooling around with someone else? 

  • We go the length needed to catch them!
  • Qualified male & female agents
  • Prompt services
  • All efforts directed at obtaining video tapes, wherever possible
  • We will testify or submit confidential reports
Shamus Detective Agents utilize discreet methods to obtain the evidence you need to determine whether or not your significant other is remaining faithful to you. Our team can employ the following tactics to discover the truth: 
Couple is caught in the infidelity act in Cincinnati
•  Vehicle Tracking  •  Searching for Assets  •  Electronic Surveillance  •
The infidelity test, was designed and created for those persons that have long been “suspicious” that their mates, might be involved, or has been in the past. “But Not Sure,” and they don’t want to ruin their Love!

Since our honest mates never had any proof or facts to substantiate suspicions, confronting the mate would jeopardize trust in the relationship. So they say nothing!  

This Cheaters-Profile probability test could afford some peace of mind to the honest mate, one way or the other. 

Take the Infidelity Test Now
If knowing the TRUTH is important to you, call 
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