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Find the answers to all of your questions by calling the Amazing detective services of Shamus who for over 35 years has helped people just like you, and as well, a host of celebrities.  Shamus was even put on a special protection detail working side by side, with the beautiful Princess Diana of Wales, for over seven days, who had slipped into America and Cincinnati, totally unannounced - while in the process of divorcing Prince Charles!

Investigation Training & History

After serving several tours of military duty as a (LRS) Team Member (Long Range Surveillance), he spent time in various areas of the world, and last was based out of Tripoli, N. Africa. Rich was now confident in his own abilities through his acquired expertise of vast experiences in the specialty training he received and was then Honorably discharged at age 21. 
Rich Mc Donough Detective
Starting his civilian career in a variety of different investigation fields. Commencing with becoming a bounty hunter for several years, in that he would search, find and bring back into custody of law enforcement to stand trail for crimes.  Afterwards worked as an investigator for several law firms, independent claims firms and three large multiple line insurance companies.  Here he handled various phases of investigations, in the SIU units, where he gained a reputation for successfully proving true facts and causes in questionable ruled homicides and suspicious death cases.  Insurance companies came to place their confidence in his ability to get them off the hook!

His success working in various fields, prompted his decision to form the Bureau of Insurance Investigation, and later the Fraud & Theft Recovery Bureau, which were both agencies set up and designed to go after fraudulent insurance cases, of about all natures.

He later formed several private detective agencies, of which he owned and operated from the commencement to this day, starting in 1971, and currently is the owner and operator of the Shamus Private Detective Agency.

While the Shamus Agency still handles suspicious deaths and ruled homicide cases, they also have been specializing in Cheating and Infidelity.
Princess Di Book

Published Author

As well as being a private investigator, Rich McDonough is a published author of Four books of case histories.  his most recent book is about his seven day "True Adventure" story of Protecting Princess Di while she was here - after she slipped into America, then Cincinnati "unannounced, and totally unknown to the entire world!"

Her trip to America, had nothing to do with her divorce from Prince Charles.  Her actual reason and the purpose of her trip was to get help for a dear life-long childhood girl friend whose son had been kidnapped from London by his bio-father and taken to Cincinnati.  She needed the help of Shamus who had been referred to her by British Intelligence.  They were not permitted to get involved any further because of royalty problems.

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